Remember, we are open on Super Bowl Sunday!

We pride ourselves on being able to stay closed on Sundays, but we make an exception for the Super Bowl. We will be open from 1-7pm on Super Bowl Sunday. You can order online in advance to make sure you get your real New York pizza on time.

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Our First Secret Menu Item – BLT

Biaggio is constantly coming up with the best Italian food in Las Vegas.

To share these culinary delights, Biaggio is creating a Secret Menu of the best food in Las Vegas.

The only way to get these dishes is to ask for them.

First up – The Best BLT in Las Vegas.

Best BLT in Las Vegas

The Secret BLT is only 8.99!

  • We us extra thick cut bacon, deep fried to create curly crispy-chewy goodness
  • Tomatoes are vine ripened, so vividly red that they look fake
  • The roll is “Capriottis” style, maybe even better
We think it’s best to enjoy this sandwich (if you can use such a pedestrian word to describe this culinary masterpiece) when you are dining in.  So no delivery on this one.

We don’t always have the right bacon for this sandwich, so ask for it when you come in, or call ahead.

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Looking for the Best Gluten Free Pizza in Las Vegas? You’ve found it.

Gluten Free Pizza

If you’re on a gluten free diet due to wheat allergy or celiac disease, we’ve got just the thing for you. “Anti-Glutes” as we like to call them, often miss the amazing texture, smell, and taste of good pizza.  We are using gluten free wheat dough to create fantastic pizzas everyone can enjoy (It’s also egg free and dairy free).

We don’t take online orders for our gluten free pizzas yet, so please call Biaggio’s directly at (702) 207-4992 to place your order. We’ll deliver your gluten free pie anywhere in town, including the Las Vegas strip.

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5 Reasons Biaggio’s is the Best Pizza in Las Vegas –

The people have voted, and Biaggio’s pizzeria is the best pizza in Las Vegas. How can we say this easy?

Best Pizza in Las Vegas

We won't blame you for trying multiple pies at once, it is the best pizza in Las Vegas.

  1. Yelp Reviews – Look on our Yelp page. We’re one of the highest rated pizza restaurants anwhere in Las Vegas.  That’s 4.5 hard earned stars.
  2. The CrustWe’ve written about our crust before.  We’ve been told by everyone who’s lived in New York that our crust is the real deal.
  3. The Sauce – Our marinara is a family recipe handed down through Biaggio’s family. We use a lot less sugar and salt than the other guys. Our tomatoes and seasoning do the talking in our sauce.
  4. The Cheese – Cheese is one of the most expensive parts of Pizza, and we don’t scrimp when it comes to quality.  We use “Grande Cheese“, which is kind of a big deal.
  5. Value – If you compare us to the other pizza joints with 4.5 stars in Las Vegass, you’ll find that our prices are WAY lower. I’m talking you can order apps and a dessert and still not come close lower.
There’s no question that Biaggios has the best pizza in Las Vegas. The only question is, which one of our specialty pizzas is your favorite?
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Biaggio’s Pizzeria is Featured on Channel 8 News

Word has spread, and a reporter from Channel 8 news came out to our restaurant to see what all the hubbub is about.  Check out the awesome coverage here.

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Biaggios Loves Food Trucks!

At Biaggio’s Pizzeria we believe that good food begets good food.  We love traveling to San Franciso or New York city because both places have a CRAZY number of good restaurants in a small area.

We think that some of the best food in Las Vegas is served from the windows of food trucks.  Food trucks have some excellent things going on, but they also have some problems.  Food trucks are constantly getting pushed out of parking lots because restaurant owners in strip malls are threatened by the food trucks.  Small minded restaurant owners think that having good food so close to their store will steal their clientele. We don’t believe in this at Biaggio’s.

Food Trucks at Biaggio's Pizzeria Las Vegas

It's like a restaurant row that changes out every day.

At Biaggio’s, we’ve had Snow Ono and Grouchy John’s over a bunch of times, and we think that it’s AWESOME!  When these wonderful food trucks come to our parking lot, it helps everyone.  Our customers love the food trucks, because they can grab a pizza, then grab something from the food trucks in the parking lot.  Variety is the spice of life.  We tell our customers that the trucks will be there via Facebook and Twitter, and they come in droves.

Snow Ono and Grouchy John's at Biaggio's Pizzeria

A mixing of cultures and cuisines, within footsteps.

Here are the advantages for foodtrucks to come to Biaggio’s Pizzeria.

  • The food trucks get premium spots adjacent to nice wide sidewalk.
  • They don’t have to worry about being shooed away, because Biaggio’s and a salon are the only two tenants in the strip mall!
  • We get shade early in the evening, and there’s plenty of stairs and chairs for folks to sit on.
  • Biaggio is known to send the best pizzas in Las Vegas pizzas out to the hard workers in the trucks (gratis).
  • We can cross promote via Twitter and Facebook.
Biaggio's Pizzeria is a great place for Vegas Food Trucks to Park

We think this is the perfect place in Vegas for Food Trucks to park.

So, we want the Las Vegas foodtrucks to visit the Biaggio’s parking lot often.  Here’s where we need everyone’s help.  Please contact your favorite food truck vendors and ask them to come to Biaggio’s parking lot any time!  We would love to have them.   Breakfast Lunch or Dinner, we are always ready and willing.  The foodtrucks can hit us up on Twitter or Facebook any time.

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We don’t take holidays off, so that you can!

At Biaggio’s Pizzeria we take holidays seriously. We believe that when you have the day off, the last thing you want to do is cook. That’s why on days like Labor Day, we are still open. Come on in or call us, we’ll make your holiday super relaxing by taking care of the cooking.

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